Interracial Relationships… what do you think?

by Hana Kamaruddin, Simisola Adebosin and Natale Cassano

Love is blind, love has no color, love lies in the heart, all you need is love..etc etc .. I can go on and on!
In reality, are those words really true? Let’s hear the opinions of three people of three different races and nationality on interracial relationships.


About Hana Kamaruddin

Mommy, journalist, copywriter, cook and running enthusiast.
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3 Responses to Interracial Relationships… what do you think?

  1. guest says:

    When two people love each other, they fight to be together. They scale mountains, promise the moon and walk on water. When they start to create obstacles like race, age, gender, false names, emails, that’s when you know you are into a vicious cycle and it is time to get out. Love is not like that.

  2. Hana Kamaruddin says:

    I believe when one starts to create ‘obstacles’, it is no longer love. The reasons could be anything, but the most obvious would be for selfish reasons – and love doesn’t operate that way. In fact, love cease to exist when selfishness prevails. But alas, the world is now full of selfish people (whether they realise it or not). Such is (love) life.

  3. says:

    Interracial relationship is still one sensitive issue in Malaysia. Me and my bf are happy that our parents from both sides approved of our relationship and give us the blessing but what I don’t understand is that society will do anything to break two of us apart. It’s funny that we all grew in a modern and civilized country but I can still see that we have shallow/sick mentality.

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